“Mom, why do we need to wear sunscreen, anyway?”

sun through the trees

We ran out of sunscreen, so I asked my husband to buy more when he went to the store.  While he was gone, my daughter asked why sunscreen is so important.  We talked about it when she was young, but it’s been a while.

We covered many bases during our discussion.  I explained that the sun’s rays are good in so many ways, but that our skin can be badly damaged if we don’t protect it.  Skin cancer runs in my family, so I explained that in an age-appropriate manner, too.  Although age spots are the furthest thing from her mind, I explained that the sun can cause skin to look older than the person’s actual age.

Her timing was good; I’ve read several articles about sunscreen and skin cancer lately.  It’s that time of year when many magazines remind us of the dangers of going without sunscreen.  I’ve had pre-cancerous moles removed, so consider this a Jenn McDougall public service announcement.

  • Wear sunscreen.  It only takes a few minutes to apply, but going without it can mean big trouble.
  • Read the directions.  Sunscreen doesn’t last the whole day, especially if you’re swimming.  Reapply it as necessary.
  • Do some research.  There are many different types of sunscreen; with a little research, you can figure out which one is best for you.
  • Look for sales.  Sunscreen can be expensive, but it’s a necessity, not a luxury.  With sales and coupons, you can find great deals; when you do, you may want to stock up.
  • Visit your dermatologist on a regular basis.  It’s a quick visit, and it’s completely worth every minute of your time.  Early detection is key.

I love summer.  The pace is slower, and the days are longer.  That means I have more time to spend with my family.  I’m careful about sunscreen because I don’t want to get skin cancer.  Writing this reminds me that I have to schedule an appointment with my dermatologist.  I hope you’ll do the same, right before you put your sunscreen on to head out the door.

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4 Responses to “Mom, why do we need to wear sunscreen, anyway?”

  1. Nancy L says:

    Thanks Jenn! Good read and a good reminder for all!

  2. ml hooper says:

    I have a great dermatologist, Jenn – your recommendation many years ago. This is a good time to thank you.

  3. Julie says:

    Love it!!! Thx for the important reminder xo

  4. Sarah Quinn says:

    I tan like no Irish woman ever before, so I often go without. Thanks for the reminder.
    I totally loathe the stuff, but you are right and it is good for me.

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