“We roam all over” and “Life is an adventure”


Around 25 years ago, I went to my college orientation.  I was excited, but I was also very nervous.  Would I make friends?  Would the classes be tough?  At the orientation dinner, I talked with a girl named Michelle.  She seemed really nice, and it made me feel better to have made my first college friend.  We’re still friends, and we’ve been through a lot since then.

Last weekend, Michelle’s oldest daughter graduated from high school, and she’s preparing to head off to college.  I felt like we had come full circle, and I wanted to choose a gift that reflected this somehow.  I went shopping with lofty goals: I wanted something that would serve as a connection to Western New York, but I also wanted to emphasize that college – like life – is to be explored, experienced, and lived to the fullest.

Mission accomplished!  The first item I chose was a bracelet with a small charm that said it all: “Life is an adventure.”  I love the fact that she can wear this as a little reminder that she has so many experiences to look forward to.  The second item was a mug with a picture of a buffalo and the words “we roam all over.”  Since Michelle’s daughter is going away to college, I thought this was a perfect reminder that although Buffalonians roam all over, they can always return home to Western New York.

I have many blessings, including some of the most wonderful friends in the world.  Michelle is one of those friends, and that friendship started during college orientation.  Now, it’s her daughter’s turn.  I hope that while she is roaming all over and discovering that life is an adventure, she makes some wonderful lifelong friends along the way, too.

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One Response to “We roam all over” and “Life is an adventure”

  1. Christine says:

    What a great post. And what a great mug!

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